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Working as a Rails Contributor

Finally, I got the time to write something about my Rails Contributions. I have started contributing in April 2011. In start i usually do some test cases fixes and some updates.

After sometime i found that if you are using JRuby as a platform then you need to customize your template after generation. Or you need to use some custom template with -m option to customize your application.

I started digging into the Rails code base and i found that it can be added easily. Then… I just added and my pull request got accepted. wOOOttt!!

But that for master that means the feature will come in Rails 3.1 so after that i done some commits into 3-0-stable branch and yeah.. that feature is coming in Rails 3.0.10.

It’s really great to talking those guys on github. Specially when they ask you to change something which you have written wrong.

After that i started contributing in Rails more and more. It helps me to understand internal code and the basics of Ruby.

In recent we organized two bugmashs and we were the part of global Rails Hackfest. It was really very good. Enjoyed. Learnt a lot.

I am a part of BangaloreRubyUserGroup which helps a lot.