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Use Selenium as a Script

Hey All, I came with a situation where i need to test things from browser. It nothing to do with the different browsers. It just to check some validations, some messages with some existing data with me. I can’t touch the code base. It’s something like QA work. I am not very much aware about using of selenium IDE which is available in browsers. I look into the selenium world with ruby and found some interesting stuff that i can script my test and run for a browser. To run into the browser i need to setup selenium-rc server running. I have done it in my way. Just small code and using selenium-client gem which allows me to start and stop the selenium-rc server. Here is my code for selenium-rc server. It also includes the selenium-jar file. For running selenium-rc server. Just clone it. bundle install and then rake selenium:rc:start All set. Now you are ready to run selenium script from your local machine. To test things i am using hitting up and validating stuff. A google example is also given on the selenium-client gems readme.
#!/usr/bin/env ruby
# Sample Ruby script using the Selenium client API
require "rubygems"
gem "selenium-client", ">=1.2.16"
require "selenium/client"

  @browser = \
      :host => "localhost", 
      :port => 4444, 
      :browser => "*firefox", 
      :url => "", 
      :timeout_in_second => 60

  @browser.start_new_browser_session "/"
    @browser.type "q", "Selenium" "btnG", :wait_for => :page
    puts @browser.text?("")
You can just run above script after start the selenium-rc server and see the result yourself in the browser. Some useful links for get up and running selenium with ruby. Selenium-client for ruby :- All about selenium with ruby :-