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Redis Key-value Store

Redis is really cool and lightweight key-value store. If you are looking for something in which you can store some string, hashes, lists, sets. TheĀ Redis is the best. If you are a Ruby developer then you must try out this with a redis-rb gem. Very easy to configure, very easy to store things. Following is the way of using redis in Ruby way. To install
gem install redis
To load
require 'redis'
Before performing any operation with redis server you need to install Redis and start the redis server. After that you can do like
redis = # Automatically connect with the default port.

# if you have changed the port then you can specify the port in initialize.

>> redis.set "foo", "bar"
=> "OK"

>> redis.get "foo"
=> "bar"
Storing objects
>> redis.set "foo", [1, 2, 3].to_json
=> OK

>> JSON.parse(redis.get("foo"))
=> [1, 2, 3]
There are lot’s more things you can do with the Redis. Links help you in redis Redis official documentation ( Github redis repository ( Github redis rubygem repository (